We successfully  installed the 2 units of Walk in Chillers in ABACA Group Commissary.

ABACA Group is the most famous restaurant and resort group. They have big and neat bakery and food commissary.

The Container arrival from Korea.


Packing and Delivering to the site / warehouse.

iceone_20161106_135718 iceone_20161106_140227


iceone_20161107_120821 iceone_20161107_124632

Condenser Installation

iceone_20161111_171956 iceone_20161111_172042

Evaporator Installationiceone_20161111_173440 iceone_20161111_173520

Finished Installation

iceone_20161111_175111 iceone_20161204_173846 iceone_20161209_153611


Emergency Escape lever.


Strong Stainless Door Nap and Hinge

iceone_dsc_0799 iceone_dsc_0801 iceone_dsc_0815 iceone_dsc_0816

Exactly fitted size into the space and neat design

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