Frequent Q & A

Q 1. What are the advantages of ICEONE?

A 1. The equipment is a technology developed product, which is admitted of the excellence, obtaining performance certificate from Small and Medium Business Administration, being improved in heat insulation with polyurethane heat insulation panel used. We apply smart control system to detect the best defrosting time depending on the stored goods and supply fresh air continuously to maintain the freshness of the stored goods for a long time.

The materials such as PU panels, Condenser, Evaporator and Controller are made in Korea. You can satisfy with better quality and reasonable price.

ICEONE give you 2 years FULL WARRANTY & 4 TIMES FREE CHECK UP & CLEANING SERVICES. It means you don’t worry about additional expenses for 2 years.  Why we give double warranty period than other company?  Because we trust our products and technology.

Q 2. Isn’t the maintenance complicated?

A 2. Maintenance and management are simple as high efficiency freezer is used according to optimum design. And the equipment is economical as the management is simple and the life span is long thanks to the operation by automatic control system.

Q 3. What is the Temperature Compensation System?

A 3. It is a double safety device system, one of the key functions, that maintains the quality of the stored goods by maintaining the set temperature even under extreme outside situation.

Q 4. What is the Structure of the heatproof door?

A 4. It has excellent air tightness that does not allow air leakage. And it is designed not to be affected by any factors of refrigeration, freezing and outside with the heating sensor adopted.

It prevents safety accident as the door can be opened from the inside using the emergency escape button. Key box is made of rust resistant stainless steel material, which has excellent durability.

Q 5. How can be installed?

A 5. It can be installed either as portable or fixed type at any place where  the customer want.

Q 6. Isn’t the electricity cost high?

A 6. ICEONE is an energy saving equipment, which shows excellent electricity saving effect. The equipment is installed by Korea Electric Power Corporation at cost if you ask it as low temperature agricultural warehouse.