Integral Freezer

Patented integral freezer with improved performance and low electricity cost

The product has the competitiveness that differentiates it from other brands with the improvements in consumption efficiency, installation time of freezer unit equipment and effective area of storage, being applied of high efficiency integral freezer, which is developed by our company supplementing the disadvantages of existing freezers.


New concept! custom-made large size refrigerator!

It is a large size refrigerator that can be custom-made according to user convenience.

Sophisticated design that increases the value of the users!

We increased an aesthetic value of the product by adopting the design that increases the product value.

Maximization of space utilization!

More goods can be stored thanks to minimization of occupancy of indoor volume.

High efficiency according to optimum design!

It shows the best performance by optimum design according to the specifications.

Good product with performance certificate!

(Invention patent) It is a reliable product that is certified of the performance by Small and Medium Business Administration.

Invention patent! Energy saving!

It has excellent energy saving effect with the invention patented energy saving technology applied.


Product specification and use 
Division Model Name Use Proper Temperature Range
1.8㎡ ~ 3.2㎡ JM-EC-010M Medium temperature storage, Cold storage, Freezing storage -18℃ ~10℃
JM-EC-010L Freezer Cold Storage -24℃ ~ -0℃
5㎡~6.5㎡ JM-EC-020H Chiller Cold storage -5℃ ~ 10℃
JM-EC-020M Medium temperature storage, Cold storage, Freezing storage -18℃ ~ 10℃
JM-EC-020L Freezer Cold Storage -24℃ ~ 0℃
8.2㎡~9.6㎡ JM-EC-030H Chiller Cold storage -5℃ ~ 10℃
JM-EC-030M Medium temperature storage, Cold storage, Freezing storage -18℃ ~ 10℃
JM-EC-030L Freezer Cold Storage -24℃ ~ 0℃